From: SPACE CADET (m974020@anderson.NADN.NAVY.MIL)
Date: 02/24/94

In line with the mention of people not liking to share code, 
traditionally, can we set up an ftp site somewhere with a directory 
specifically for posting tarred up packets that contain 
.wld.zon.mob.shp.obj files that people want to share?  Specifically, can 
we do it in time to get peoples creations (with appropriate signs, room 
descriptions, etc.... to indicate the creator(s)) onto V3.0?  If everyone 
else thinks this  is a bad idea, then I will crawl back into my corner 
and keep my ideas to my self..... but I would like to see this be the 
biggest, best mud out there....... so I don't have to log onto Isca BBS 
and hear about any more MERC muds, etc........

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