Re: areas

From: Scott Boutwell (
Date: 02/25/94

I definately don't think this is a BAD idea.  I would love to see 
something like this done.

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On Thu, 24 Feb 1994, SPACE CADET wrote:

> In line with the mention of people not liking to share code, 
> traditionally, can we set up an ftp site somewhere with a directory 
> specifically for posting tarred up packets that contain 
> .wld.zon.mob.shp.obj files that people want to share?  Specifically, can 
> we do it in time to get peoples creations (with appropriate signs, room 
> descriptions, etc.... to indicate the creator(s)) onto V3.0?  If everyone 
> else thinks this  is a bad idea, then I will crawl back into my corner 
> and keep my ideas to my self..... but I would like to see this be the 
> biggest, best mud out there....... so I don't have to log onto Isca BBS 
> and hear about any more MERC muds, etc........

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