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From: Josh Kifer (
Date: 02/25/94

> On Thu, 24 Feb 1994, SPACE CADET wrote:
> > In line with the mention of people not liking to share code, 
> > traditionally, can we set up an ftp site somewhere with a directory 
> > specifically for posting tarred up packets that contain 
> > .wld.zon.mob.shp.obj files that people want to share?  Specifically, can 
> > we do it in time to get peoples creations (with appropriate signs, room 
> > descriptions, etc.... to indicate the creator(s)) onto V3.0?  If everyone 
> > else thinks this  is a bad idea, then I will crawl back into my corner 
> > and keep my ideas to my self..... but I would like to see this be the 
> > biggest, best mud out there....... so I don't have to log onto Isca BBS 
> > and hear about any more MERC muds, etc........
> > 

Personally, I think what makes a mud better than others is it's 
individuality.  I think that sharing world files could possibly add to 
the variety, but it also might detract from it, giving people the option 
to copy other peoples stuff rather than make it your own.  In the last 
case, which is certainly likely to happen to a small extent at least 
(look at how many midgaards out there prove people have no imagination) 
which will likely pull away from the original mud for which it was 
created.  As a designer, I think the code and mechanics of the mud are a 
large part and that scenario and world design might be equally as 
important.  In order for the users to be able to find the mud for them, 
they will need to be able to clearly identify the 'quality' muds from the 
cookie cutters ones.  'Quality' muds will have originality, a good 
helpful staff, good programmers and bug fixers, and fair honest rules.  
It is unfair to coax a user in with a flashy front display (i.e. Neet-o 
title, many classes and/or races, and a few advertised features) where 
they will then spend a few hours of their life to finally find out that 
it REALLY SUCKS.  This has happened to me many many times.  Thank you.

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