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Date: 02/25/94

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From: Patrick Suthers
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 1994 16:36:17 -0800 (GMT-0800)
From: VampLestat <>
Subject: Re: MUD editor
To: Luke Chastain <>

On Thu, 24 Feb 1994, wrote:

>>On Thu, 24 Feb 1994, Luke Chastain wrote:

>>    Is DikuED compatable with CIrcleMUD though?

>As I said, it fully configurable.  So you just modify the .def files to
>fit the flags you are using and the files it creates will be fully

One change that you can't make via editing the .def files is exits if you
have modified the number of exits (ie to add northeast, etc).  You'll have to
edit the source code to do that.   The same goes for using ascii flags rather
than bitvectors on mobs, obj, etc.

On ascii flags.  I have borrowed from ROM2 a function to read ascii vectors,
but I'm stumped on an easy way to allow dikued to write the flags back to
file, rather than as a bitvector.  Anyone out there already solved this?

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