Spec_procs.c Revisited

From: Brett C Helgeson (bhelgeson@csc.Cornell-Iowa.edu)
Date: 02/24/94

	I think I figured out the snake problem. I want the snake to poison
ALL the time , so if I switch (0, 1 - GET_LEVEL(ch)) == 0)) {
That should work right? Make it so every level gets bitten all the time?
Also along those lines, here is a proto for a Dragon, in case 'ya all need one.

SPECIAL(Fire Breather)
   if (cmd)
      return FALSE;

      return FALSE;

   if (ch->specials.fighting &&
       (ch->specials.fighting->in_room == ch->in_room) &&
       (number(0, 42 - GET_LEVEL(ch)) == 0)) {
      act("$n rears back and lets loose with blast of fire!", 1, ch, 0, ch->specials.fighting, TO_NOTVICT);
      act("$n opens its mouth and belches forth fire at you!", 1, ch, 0, ch->specials.fighting, TO_VICT);
      cast_firebreath( GET_LEVEL(ch), ch, "", SPELL_TYPE_SPELL,
          ch->specials.fighting, 0);
      return TRUE;
   return FALSE;

This should work, I assume. This is all going on the fact that the lower the 
number, the more often the mob will use it. (I hope =) Any questions,
comments, fixes would be mucho appreciated.  Brett@Legends...

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