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From: Danhiel Baker (
Date: 02/24/94

SPACE CADET explains:
| In line with the mention of people not liking to share code, 
| traditionally, can we set up an ftp site somewhere with a directory 
| specifically for posting tarred up packets that contain 
| .wld.zon.mob.shp.obj files that people want to share?  Specifically, can 
| we do it in time to get peoples creations (with appropriate signs, room 
| descriptions, etc.... to indicate the creator(s)) onto V3.0?  If everyone 

You'd best just mail me directly about something like this - I'm going
to be continuing with the world development even after v3.0 is out, as
I have a layout in mind that I simply cannot implement in the time before
v3.0 is out.  An updated file with a few added areas will be going out
with v3.0, but it won't be the 'finished product' that I've got in mind.
What I'm working towards is a very complete world with a great degree of
consistancy and balance throughout, as well as more places for expansion
by those running the muds using my base world.  It will have some elements
of the standard diku world, and many of the areas will be carry-overs, but
locations of some areas will be changed to fit my ideas of appropriate
area interaction.  There will be quite a bit of 'filler' landscape added,
in a 'matrixed' format - not the typical paths and rooms format, but
more like a large chessboard with some areas not accessible.

I grabbed the areas from RofM2, but I'm going to have to fix me conversion
program to deal with their files before I can even give the areas that
appeal tome from that world a good going over.  Working out that conversion
is low priority right now, though...  It's a big library of areas, and I
will get to it eventually (for the non-Merc using worlds sake) and convert
them to a usuable format for Circle (and standard) MUDs.

| else thinks this  is a bad idea, then I will crawl back into my corner 
| and keep my ideas to my self..... but I would like to see this be the 
| biggest, best mud out there....... so I don't have to log onto Isca BBS 
| and hear about any more MERC muds, etc........


- Danny

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