From: Brett C Helgeson (bhelgeson@csc.Cornell-Iowa.edu)
Date: 02/26/94

  For the mud that I am working on, the standard poison spell just doesn't cut it.
So, for what I have done, is come up with multiple poison spells, to give mobs
more individuality. Examples:

** Giant Centipedes are known to have weaker poison, so they get a poison spell
   that does 10 damage if the char doesn't save, none if they do save. This does
   make Centipedes lethal for low level chars(I have set hits for standard AD&D 
   first edition), and still a nasty bite for higher ups.

** Giant Spiders and Snakes that are known for there toxicity (ala Monster Manual)
   are given a nastier poison spell, of 20, 30, or even 50 damage. This will make
   the monsters much more difficult, and also make the rewards that much sweeter.

** Giant Scorpions and Special Monsters that have in the description save or die 
   instantly, are given a poison spell that does 100 pts or more damage! It makes
   them utterly lethal, and it doesn't give them scads of hit points: It is utterly
   rediculous to have shop keepers with 30K hit points!(In my opinion =)

Notice that these monsters are all set to AD&D standards, with Giant Centipedes with 
but 1-4 hit points, spiders anywhere from 2d8 to 4d8, etc.  This can be done by setting
up simple spec_procs (Which I got mine to work btw). I have about 20+ now, and each one 
gives monsters more flavor. Giving them second attacks, third attacks, spell use (both
mage and cleric), poison attacks, disease attacks (really nasty, see Mummy, M.Manual).
This adds a TON of realism, and makes even piddly monsters worth something. I would
be happy to share these spec_procs with anyone, but keep in mind, most of them are based
on new spells I have thrown in. 

	Now its time to beg and plead =).  If anyone has any solutions, code etc. It would
be much appreciated. This is what I am looking for:

** A command that will exit the player from the mud, with a line saying you died etc, 
   whenever a player dies. Basiclly I a want a one life per char type of thing.

** To trade spells with someone. I want to have about 3-4 spells per level for both
   Cleric and Mage. I am close to that, but would like some more.

** New weapon types : Like 'bite', 'crush', 'cleave' etc.

** Maybe weapon specialazation (sp) skills? You get a better to hit with a weapon. 
   I know its possible, I saw it on Wiley (And I loved playin there. Last mud I enjoyed
   playing. I was Lan on there, maybe you knew me? But I digress..)

** Anything anyone wants to swap. Like I said before, I am C-Impaired, so ....=)

 Phew this is long. Wasn't supposed to be. Oh well, enjoy, and good luck

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