Re: Poison

From: Josh Kifer (
Date: 02/26/94

> 	Now its time to beg and plead =).  If anyone has any solutions, code etc. It would
> be much appreciated. This is what I am looking for:
> ** A command that will exit the player from the mud, with a line saying you died etc, 
>    whenever a player dies. Basiclly I a want a one life per char type of thing.

Well, check the routines in 'interpreter.c' for the menu option for 
deleting the character.  Though, I think doing this would piss people 
off. :)

> ** To trade spells with someone. I want to have about 3-4 spells per level for both
>    Cleric and Mage. I am close to that, but would like some more.

I think it would be cool to impelment 'find familiar' and allow first 
level mages a little animal they can order around and snoop.

> ** New weapon types : Like 'bite', 'crush', 'cleave' etc.

These are found in 'structs.h' and I think 'constants.c'... do a grep for 
'slash' or something.

> ** Maybe weapon specialazation (sp) skills? You get a better to hit with a weapon. 
>    I know its possible, I saw it on Wiley (And I loved playin there. Last mud I enjoyed
>    playing. I was Lan on there, maybe you knew me? But I digress..)

You'll need to add the skill in the .h files, adjust the fight.c file, 
and whatever else pertains.  I would grep for 'CLASS_WARRIOR', 
'SKILL_BASH', 'guild', and 'bash'. :)

> ** Anything anyone wants to swap. Like I said before, I am C-Impaired, so ....=)
>  Phew this is long. Wasn't supposed to be. Oh well, enjoy, and good luck
> Brett@Legends...

Good luck to you.  If you need more specifics, I might offer myself for a 
couple of your problems and ideas.  I need something to do while I am 
waiting for 3.0 anyway.

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