circle 3.0 and jeremy.

From: The Chronicler (
Date: 04/04/94

ack....your killing us here with anticipation jeremy :)

on a side note...i have a couple of questions.
1.  for those of us who have done a fair ammount of code in 2.2
    mostly with role plaing, online campaigns, hard is it
    going to be to fool around with the src.

    i guess what im asking is what files are sort of left alone, and what files
will i have to cut and paste (just source, im doing 100% original areas, mobs, i dont need to know about the libraries).

2.  On a side note, and could you reply to me jeremy, i see you have ported
circle to ultrix 4.0  I found a site (yay), but its running ULTRIX 4.2, with no
(gasp) gcc.  I tried to edit the makefile to do cc instead, but i got errors.

Could you tell me how to get it to work with cc?  or tell me where to get gcc
and how to install it?
I know you are very busy, but this would be appreciated.

MAtt @Hofstra.
"If i knew it was going to be this damn cold, I'd have worn a sweater."
	-J. Frost


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