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Date: 10/03/94

On Sun, 2 Oct 1994, Alvin Corey Tan wrote:

> Hmmm... Jeremy,, is there something wrong with the teleport spell in
> the 3.0bpl4 distribution? I reenable it and it doesn't seem to work.
> Now that I think of it.. is it cuz the random chose a room that
> doesn't exist, which caused nothing to happen? 

>From the release README.

The current public release of CircleMUD is version 3.00 beta patchlevel 4.

This is BETA software, meaning:

        OLC is not finished and is not included in this beta release.
--->    Some of the spells don't work correctly.
        There will probably still be some system incompatibilities since
                I have not exhaustively tested the software on platforms
                other than the one I use for development (currently a
                Sparc 10 running SunOS 4.1.3).
--->    There will probably be some bugs.
        Most of the utilities don't work yet since I haven't ported them
                from Circle 2.20.
        There is not yet any software to convert from 2.20 playerfiles
                to the 3.0 format.
        The documentation is still very incomplete.
        The playerfile and other binary file formats are subject to
                change between now and the full production release.
--->    Certain things just haven't been written yet; i.e. saving aliases.
--->    THIS RELEASE IS UNSUPPORTED.  Do not run a MUD with it!

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