Re: I hope I get few flames

From: Mark Garringer (
Date: 10/05/94

On Tue, 4 Oct 1994, Jeffrey Daro wrote:

> I am messing around with the new class docs, and I am begining to think 
> it's to late...when I compile I get the following error:
> spell_parser.c:36: `nr' undeclared here (not in a function)
> spell_parser.c:36: parse error before `.'
> spell_parser.c: In function `do_cast':
> spell_parser.c:823: parse error before `:'
> spell_parser.c:840: parse error before `:'
> spell_parser.c:846: parse error before `:'
> spell_parser.c: In function `assign_spell_pointers':
> spell_parser.c:1057: parse error at end of input
> *** Error code 1

I had _similar_ problems when I addes a min.level.new_class thingy <can 
not remember exactly how it went, but I copied the format exactly from 
the magic user and cleric ones> and then all of a sudden, 700 lines away 
it was give me parse errors in three places.

Anyone got any ideas?


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