circle 2.2 and Linux 1.1.18?

From: Bob Amstadt (
Date: 03/01/95

Hi, all.  I'm going to try to track this down myself, but thought I'd find 
out if anyone else has solved this already.  We just recently changed sites 
from a site running SunOS to a site running Linux 1.1.18.  Everything is 
running great except that every few hours the mud stops excepting input from 
any socket.  If you make a new connection when the mud is in this state, you 
do get the opening banner and prompt, but that's that.

My guess is that something is up with select() although I haven't been on 
the system any time when the lock up has occured, yet, and our other IMP 
isn't a programmer.

Anyway, if you know what this problem is or if you can suggest a version of 
Linux that you have running a mud succesfully, please let me know.

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