Re: circle 2.2 and Linux 1.1.18?

From: Wheel of Fish! (
Date: 03/01/95

> >there were some known bugs in 1.1.18 (I forget all of them) that would cause
> >sockets to disconnect and hang jobs. my recomendation is to upgrafe to a
> >minimum of 1.1.85 .. preferably I try to keep on the razors edge but if you
> >do any sort of kernel patching then installing a new kernel every couple of
> >days can get tedious :).. anyway.. upgrade that kernel and you should find
> >you have fewer problems.
> I've asked our site admin to upgrade Linux.  However, it may be a few days.  
> Are there any work arounds that will help us avoid whatever this bug is?

honestly.. it's been so long since I toyed with that version I couldn't even
tell you where the bugs are let along how to fix them.. and my fixes were
horrible kludges at best beings that I am at the most a terrible coder..

> Thanks for the advice.

hey.. if we don't help where we can whats the point :)

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