Circle 2.2 and ANSI (fwd)

From: Andy Davidoff (
Date: 03/01/95

> Hello, I've added ANSI to titles of gods and poofin/out of gods
> Its defined in the actual code right now, if it sees the name is mine
> it does my special ansi poofin/out and I made a command 'godtitle' and 
> if i type that it sets my title to a spiffy ansi one i did up for me or
> any other gods i included in there.. anyway
> I did the colors as CCWHT(ch, C_CMP) for isntance for the ansi and for 
> some reason, those two above things i added still show up in ANSI to people
> who do not have color complete on, it even shows up on people's screens
> who have no ansi on at all.  Any way I can fix this? 
> Thanks,

sounds like you need to check each character you send it to before sending the
color. a quick hack would be to scan descriptors before using the send_to_char
or sprintf/send_to_char combo. for long-term avoidance of this problem, i
suggest writing a lil sucker to handle the codes internally, prior to sending
out the color codes.

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