From: Melissa (madison@nevada.edu)
Date: 03/01/95

  Well, I thought I heard it was up, but I guess not when I called. Even 
tried Jeremy's personal machine...
  Anyways, any chance there will be just a patch file? I got ancy and 
have already added tons of new code to bpl5. So, I think doing a simple 
'diff' between the two is out. 
   Hey, and something others may want to think about. I totally loath the 
usual 'identify' of most DIKUs. It is mundane in it's listing, and gives 
info that I don't always want to give. So, I have added another 
description line (sorta messes up default areas though... gotta rework them),
which contains the REAL description of the item. 'identify' now switches 
the two. For example... short_descrip = a long sword, magic_descrip = a 
+1 long sword of venom     or short_descrip = a blue vial of liquid, 
magic_descrip = a potion of waterwalking. The only drawback i can think 
of, is once it has been identified, and the descriptions switched, anyone 
else that steals the item or looks at it, will know what it is. Of 
course, the long_descrip is unchanged, so if a player just drops the 
sword, it will still be viewed as 'a long sword lies here'.
  Now I have a RFC. I've been thinking of adding a nutrition value to food.
I'd get a bit complicated in the algorithm, but basically, if a player 
eats nothing but bread or trail rations for a few days, they are warned 
that they are beginning to feel weak. Soon after, all abilities would be 
halved, unless they stop by a restaurant or such and eat 'a 7 course 
merchants meal'. Would this annoy you as a player? Or add to the fun?
                                              See Ya!

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