Re: bpl6?

From: Chris Bosdal (
Date: 03/01/95

Well, if you're going to add nutrition, you'll have to add multi-vitamin 
substitutes for us vegatarians, and non-synthetic multi-vitamins for the 
naturalist vegatarians..  But why be one sided?  When was the last time 
you saw a mobile eat? Dont they get hungry? Shouldnt they have to eat 
too? Ok, so Fido's eat, if you havent taken them out of your world yet.. 
But where in the heck do they get that gold and why dont they go shopping?

While you're at it...  A good addition would be diseases that hit 
malnutritioned homeless adventurers for not eating properly, and a 
bladder and intestinal variable to inform players that its time to get 
rid of some of the waste generated by all that eating they'll be doing.  
And of course, if they refuse to go to the bathroom, you can start 
penalizing their movement until it reaches 0, at which point they will 
soil their armor..

God against man, man against God, man against nature, God against man, man 
against God, man against nature, nature against man, nature against God, 
             God against nature...very funny religion!

On Wed, 1 Mar 1995, Melissa wrote:

> On Wed, 1 Mar 1995, Chris Bosdal wrote:
> > I think you are fucking insane.
> > 
>   That's it? :) I knew that, but what do you _really_ think?!?

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