Re: bpl6?

From: Melissa (
Date: 03/01/95

On Wed, 1 Mar 1995, Chris Bosdal wrote:

> Well, if you're going to add nutrition, you'll have to add multi-vitamin 
> substitutes for us vegatarians, and non-synthetic multi-vitamins for the 
> naturalist vegatarians..  But why be one sided?  When was the last time 
> you saw a mobile eat? Dont they get hungry? Shouldnt they have to eat 
> too? Ok, so Fido's eat, if you havent taken them out of your world yet.. 
> But where in the heck do they get that gold and why dont they go shopping?
    Of course I thought of that! I too avoid eating dead animals... 
Besides which cheeses and beans are healthier. As for mobs, it is assumed 
that ones met in the restaurants are eating. Perhaps I will have a few 
minor spec_procs to simulate RL.

> While you're at it...  A good addition would be diseases that hit 
> malnutritioned homeless adventurers for not eating properly, and a 
> bladder and intestinal variable to inform players that its time to get 
   Was just thinking of this one tonight. Poison is just so boring! 
Perhaps a randomizer, that incorporates the disease chart from the DM 
Guide from TSR. Most of them would be fairly easy to implement.

> rid of some of the waste generated by all that eating they'll be doing.  
> And of course, if they refuse to go to the bathroom, you can start 
> penalizing their movement until it reaches 0, at which point they will 
> soil their armor..
   Okay. I know there is a line that must be drawn. I could take it to 
the extreme, and scare people off. But I think a few such realities may 
enhance it. I'm trying to get the mud into a slower, thinking type of place.
In fact, I have part of the code done for alternative ways to earn exp. 
After all, paladins can't be expected to hack/slash their way through 
   Anyways, thanks for the comments. It's tough to code all this alone, 
with no other input! :)

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