unlock/pick (fwd)

From: Jeff (jfink@gridpoint.async.vt.edu)
Date: 03/03/95

Wheel of Fish! <piraeus@connectus.com> writes:
> first bug report:  I just compiled bpl6 and checked the unlock/pick object
> bug.. it's still there.. to try it.. 'goto brass' which will take you to the
> brass dragon . then go wwsww and 'unlock chest' or 'pick chest' . it
> segfaults you.. 

Sorry I ahven't gotten around to fixing this, but it's a simple one
liner.  I don't yet have pl6, but in pl5 it's on line 289 of
act.movement.c which should look like this:

    act(buf, FALSE, ch, obj, EXIT(ch, door)->keyword, TO_ROOM);

and needs to be changed to this:

    act(buf, FALSE, ch, obj, obj ? 0 : EXIT(ch, door)->keyword, TO_ROOM);

Please forward any further problems with this code to me, and I'll
see what I can do.

I've also heard vague reports of shops not working right (again) but
have yet to hear spefics.  I don't really have time to go hunting for
them as I've just missed a week of school and have midterms in all
my classes next week, but if someone could provide me with some
specifics, I'll see what I can do.


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