From: Michael K. Lee (
Date: 03/04/95

I double checked my changes to asciiconv in db.c.
To test it, I used Furry's New thalos area for circle 3.0p6.
I booted the mud using lowercase ascii, and
the extra flags were glow, magic, !mage, !cleric, !thief.

changing them to uppercase, I got different results when I rebooted.
Can someone check this out and see if the are getting the same
results as I am?

>From my understanding of the function, you are calculating the
flag, and the first if statement is basing it's end-result with the
char 'a'.

If *p is uppercase, wouldn't you have to add 32 to the *p to
make it equivalent to a *p value if using lowercase?

Try using the 26+ .. code and run it once with lowercase flags
and once with uppercase flags.

32+... worked for me
Just letting you guys know about something that I came across
from reading the CHANGES file.


Michael K. Lee
(aka Sorbra and Rhys, Death's Domain, and formerly of Unknown and Burning 

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