Re: Using mob programs
Date: 03/05/95

> I have a quick question, has anyone out there been able to get a mob
> to track a player after they attack them, sort of hunt the player down?
> and attack them when they find them? I was thinking I could use 
> mobprog to do it, but I havent been able to figure out how. should 
> I give up on the mob prog thing, and try a special? If anyone has a 
> clue how to do it please, do tell!! This has been really bugging me.
> Thanks alot...
>          Michael Cunningham

Actually, I had been going through the tracking routines right before
I had read this message. It looks as if it would be very simple to add
a tracking mob. There is a fucnction called hunt_victim() in graph.c.
All you need to do is figure out how and when the 'hunted' should be
set (like in do_flee, etc) and then call hunt_victim() in someplace
like point_update() (probably the most effective place to call it).   
The basics are all there, all it need is some elementary tweaking.

> P.S.   I am running a circle 2.2 mud with mobprog (standard version)
>        installed.
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