Using mob programs

From: Michael J Cunningham (
Date: 03/04/95

I have a quick question, has anyone out there been able to get a mob
to track a player after they attack them, sort of hunt the player down?
and attack them when they find them? I was thinking I could use 
mobprog to do it, but I havent been able to figure out how. should 
I give up on the mob prog thing, and try a special? If anyone has a 
clue how to do it please, do tell!! This has been really bugging me.
Thanks alot...

         Michael Cunningham

P.S.   I am running a circle 2.2 mud with mobprog (standard version)

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   \_____/  RAYOLA @ ESU.EDU  ( Michael J. Cunningham )
            ENUFF SAID..... 

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