recall bug

From: Sean P. Mountcastle (
Date: 03/02/95


	I just changed to a new OS (DG/UX) and I seem to be getting a lot 
of crashes that did not happen before on my old Ultrix 4.2a site.  One of 
the many problems is the recall spell (or reciting a scroll or recall).  
When I run dbx this is what I get:

Frame 0, pc 0x8003bc2c (__dg_strlen.m88100+20)
Frame 1, pc 0x80034354 (_doprnt+4452)
Frame 2, pc 0x800357d8 (sprintf+96) 
Frame 3, line 411, routine look_at_room(ch=0x005bc270, ignore_brief=0), 
	file act_info.c
Frame 4, line 98, routine spell_recall(level='\014', ch=0x005bc270,
	victim=0x005 bc270, obj=0x00000000), file spells.c
Frame 5, line 425, routine call_magic(caster=0x005bc270, 
	cvict=0x005bc270, ovict =0x00000000, spellnum=42, level=12,
	 casttype=4), file spell_pa.c 
Frame 6, line 541, routine mag_objectmagic(ch=0x005bc270, obj=0x004f9450, 
	argument=0x001cbc00 -> "NOBITS "), file spell_pa.c 
Frame 7, line 640, routine do_use(ch=0x005bc270, argument=0xeffff9bb -> 
	"  recall ", cmd=268, subcmd=2), file act_oth.c 
Frame 8, line 747, routine command_interpreter(ch=0x005bc270, 
	argument=0xeffff9b 8 -> "rec recall"), file interpre.c
Frame 9, line 459, routine game_loop(mother_desc=3), file comm.c
Frame 10, line 200, routine init_game(port=8400), file comm.c 
Frame 11, line 174, routine main(argc=1, argv=0xeffffdf0), file comm.c
Frame 12, pc 0x1022c4 (_start+416)

	I dont quite understand the problem - I tried this out in Ultrix 
and it works fine.  But here it looks as if there is a problem with the 
sprintf function (or the look_at_room function), is DG/UX unnecessarily 
finicky?  Any ideas as to whats causing this?

	Many thanks in advance,

	- Sean Mountcastle

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