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From: Sean P. Mountcastle (mountcas@pluto.ee.cua.edu)
Date: 03/02/95

	I just moved to a new operating system (DG/UX) and I'm using a
modified circleMUD 3.0 bpl4 (with some changes from patch 5), and though 
it was extremely stable at the other site (Ultrix 4.2a) now it seems to 
crash about every couple of minutes and dumps a core.  Now, each time it 
does this the core appears to be different (well, I mean when I use: 
where, to find out where it choked, its different).  One of the causes 
that has come up several times now is this one:

(dbx) (dbx) where
Frame 0, pc 0x8003ae34 (realloc+828)
Frame 1, pc 0x8003b4bc (free+204)
Frame 2, pc 0x8003a994 (malloc+196)
Frame 3, pc 0x8003b848 (_findbuf+168)
Frame 4, pc 0x80038364 (__filbuf+92)
Frame 5, pc 0x800372f4 (_doscan+1172)
Frame 6, pc 0x80036dc8 (fscanf+64)
Frame 7, pc 0x16d8d8 (gethostbyaddr+112)
Frame 8, line 788, routine new_descriptor(s=3), file comm.c
Frame 9, line 441, routine game_loop(mother_desc=3), file comm.c
Frame 10, line 200, routine init_game(port=8400), file comm.c
Frame 11, line 174, routine main(argc=1, argv=0xeffffdf0), file comm.c
Frame 12, pc 0x1022c4 (_start+416)

	I was wondering if anyone could make anything of it.  It seems to 
haev choked right when it started up and got a connection, but I cannot 
figure out why.
	Any ideas?  Also does anyone know anything about the 'oddities' 
of DG/UX or know where I can find a faq or atleast some basic info about 
the OS?
	Many thanks in advance,

	- Sean Mountcastke

     P.S.  What does cambot stand for?  Or is it just made up?  Just curious.

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