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From: Chris Fuller (cfuller@praline.no.NeoSoft.com)
Date: 03/30/95

Hi! I want to add a direction to my circle 2.2 mud. I think I 
have covered all the bases, in interpreter.c, constants.c,
structs.h, act.informative.c, act.movement.c, and db.c.
Some of these were not easy, since several locations are 
hardwired for the default dirs instead of using NUM_OF_DIRS.
After debugging a core dump, I figured out that it incorrectly
reported a exit in that direction and tried to move and crunched
the mud. I made a couple modifications to db.c that seemed to 
cover that nicely, with no change at all in mud behavior.
Basically, all the modifications I made may be summed up as 
wherever a list of directions as an array may be found, any 
where I could find a for loop with condition <= 5 or < 6.
Basically. If you think of something that still comes under
these that I could have missed go ahead and post it.
Chris Fuller                  cfuller@new-orleans.neosoft.com

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