Re: Bugs In Circle 3.0 Patch Level 7...

From: Burkhard Knopf (
Date: 03/30/95

>>>>> "ChRiStOpHeR" == ChRiStOpHeR dUbSkY <> writes:

 ChRiStOpHeR> I also have a question (you knew I had to have a
 ChRiStOpHeR> question)!  Someone posted that to fix the bug with
 ChRiStOpHeR> identify scrolls, to change the spell number from 53 to
 ChRiStOpHeR> 201 or something like that.  Has anyone else gotten this
 ChRiStOpHeR> to work, because I can't.  Does it require an additional
 ChRiStOpHeR> fix?

You certainly gotta load a new identify scroll (after changing the
30.obj file that is) because the spell number is saved in the osave
files - then it should work. At least it does with me.

Erm - one thing to Jeremy: why did you put function prototypes inside
functions instead of just somewhere in the head of the files?

So long
  Burkhard (aka Lukas / Lysistrate ...)

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