Re: Bugs In Circle 3.0 Patch Level 7...

From: Alex (
Date: 03/30/95

> The second is that the wear flag of the cloak should include
> "ITEM_WEAR_BODY" (value 8) in addtion to "ITEM_WEAR_ABOUT" > (value 1024).
No.. actually it shouldn't.. it is wear about_body only, and listed that 
way in the zone file... I've fixed teh zone file however so that the 
cloak should actually load now (=  That should be out in pl8

> Someone posted that to fix the bug with identify scrolls, to change the 
> spell number from 53 to 201 or something like that.  Has anyone else 
> gotten this to work, because I can't.  Does it require an additional fix?
No additional fix.. taht should cover it.. (worked on my copy at least)
That is also fixed in the world for pl8

--  Alex

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