Bugs In Circle 3.0 Patch Level 7...

From: ChRiStOpHeR dUbSkY (thsscxd@iitmax.acc.iit.edu)
Date: 05/11/15

I found a bug in the Newbie Zone in 3.0 patch level 7 version of CircleMUD.  It
involves the "Newbie Cloak" in that zone.  The zone file states that the
newbie cloak should be loaded onto the equ. list of the pit beast in the
comment field of the zone file.  There are two problems with this act; one, 
the object number is incorrect; the zone file has object 18602 instead of
18604 (the newbie vest).  The second is that the wear flag of the cloak 
should include "ITEM_WEAR_BODY" (value 8) in addtion to "ITEM_WEAR_ABOUT"
(value 1024).

I also have a question (you knew I had to have a question)!  Someone posted
that to fix the bug with identify scrolls, to change the spell number from
53 to 201 or something like that.  Has anyone else gotten this to work, 
because I can't.  Does it require an additional fix?

					Christopher Dubsky
					a.k.a. MrMessy

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