Re: Clans (fwd)

From: Anthony Spataro (
Date: 03/29/95

Another neat way to implement clans would be to add two variables to each 
player: a string my_clan_name and a player-identifier my_clan_leader.  
my_clan_leader couldn't just be a pointer to a char_data struct, it would 
have to be a playerfile record number or something--I never looked at how 
Circle saves its data to disk.  Anyways...what happens is, each player in 
the game can both belong to a clan (check his my_clan_leader) and *be the 
leader of a clan* (check and see if his my_clan_name contains a string).  
The result of all this is a heirarchical social structure instead of a 
simple clan-or-no-clan situation.  This having been done, you could do a 
quite a bit of neat stuff with it.  For instance, you can check if a 
player is an indirect member of a clan, and act accordingly.  If I'm a 
Crusher, but the leader of the Crushers is a Mauler, then perhaps I can 
seek shelter in the Maulers' clan hall.  Perhaps people that are 
co-clanar (in the same clan) get bonus xp when fighting in a band.  
Perhaps players will automatically come to the defense of a fellow 
clansman.  There's lots of neat stuff that could be done...

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