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> Subject: Clans
> I am currently trying to add clans if anyone could help out any help 
> would be appreciated I have no idea where to start but have an idea on 
> where to go if someone tells me where to start.

Clans seem fairly straight forward to me.  First thing would probably be 
creating a place where it saves who is in a clan, or if you want to wipe 
the pfiles, in struct char_data put a char, byte, or however you plan on 
saving the players clan in.  After you've decided on which approach, its 
probably best to write the routine(s) to read/write from the clan file or 
in db.c, (if you added clan info to char_data) in the read/write for the 
player files (I don't remember the names of the functions, but searching 
for GET_CLASS may get there:).  After that, you're on your own on how you 
want to implement the rest -- but, suggestion being as follows, don't let 
it be free to run or be in a clan, put in clan houses, but restrict the 
ammount of objects that can be saved in there, and put in a aesthetically 
pleasing " [clan]" type thing in WHO (ie., "[ 206 Dro Mag ]  Spawn the 
Implementor/Coder/everything    [KoD]" (on my MUD (version 2 gamma, 
version 1 doesn't have clans) at least)); ....

Whoops, bad habbit with the semi-colon...

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