Re: Donate bug in pl6?

From: Wheel of Fish! (
Date: 03/06/95

> The reason for the in-transit junk chance is because otherwise, people stuck
> in Bad Places without a recall could just:
> donate all
> quit
> 1
> e
> get all
> Just my opinion.

good thinking.. I hadn't really thought of that even though I should have
considering I used to do it back when I first started mudding *chuckle*. 
Well I'll see if I can't find a way around it..

besides.. you can't 'donate all' you'd have to donate each piece
seperately.. and if I know donation hounds half the eq will be gone by the
time you've donated everything and logged off/on .. I've seen eq get picked
up as soon as it hits the room *boggle*

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