Re: Baaaaaaad bug.

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 03/06/95

> I haven't been paying much attention to the discussion lately.. So maybe
> this has already been discussed and I missed the patch .. but I've just 
> discovered a pretty bad bug in 3.0bpl6 having to do with players and
> self-deleting.
> To reproduce:
> make a new char, Test, log all the way in, quit, and self-delete.
> log back in as Test again, re-creating the char, and supposedly overwriting t
> old, deleted one.
> stat file test. The Test that shows up is DELETED. The new Test that was just
> created has it's own, separate space in the pfile, and when it is logged
> out, it can never be accessed again, since the first Test will always be
> DELETED, so yet another duplicate character gets made in the pfile:
> guru@alfonso:~/circle/src/util> ./showplay ../../lib/etc/players
>     1. ID:     1 (M) [34 Th] Guru                     0g         0b
>     2. ID:     2 (M) [ 1 Th] Test                     0g         0b
>     3. ID:     3 (M) [ 1 Th] Test                     0g         0b


Already fixed in pl7.

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