Baaaaaaad bug.

From: Carl Tashian (
Date: 03/06/95

I haven't been paying much attention to the discussion lately.. So maybe
this has already been discussed and I missed the patch .. but I've just 
discovered a pretty bad bug in 3.0bpl6 having to do with players and

To reproduce:
make a new char, Test, log all the way in, quit, and self-delete.
log back in as Test again, re-creating the char, and supposedly overwriting the
old, deleted one.
stat file test. The Test that shows up is DELETED. The new Test that was just
created has it's own, separate space in the pfile, and when it is logged
out, it can never be accessed again, since the first Test will always be
DELETED, so yet another duplicate character gets made in the pfile:

guru@alfonso:~/circle/src/util> ./showplay ../../lib/etc/players
    1. ID:     1 (M) [34 Th] Guru                     0g         0b
    2. ID:     2 (M) [ 1 Th] Test                     0g         0b
    3. ID:     3 (M) [ 1 Th] Test                     0g         0b
    4. ID:     4 (M) [ 1 Th] Test                     0g         0b
    5. ID:     5 (M) [ 1 Th] Test                     0g         0b

Not good.

I think this has to do with the new "pfilepos" variable. I'm gonna look into
the code some more and see if I can come up with a fix.. unless someone
else has already?


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