Mob skills

From: Andy Davidoff (
Date: 03/10/95

> Well, I decided to write a healer spec_proc this morning.. and it does 
> not function..  I noticed by switching into a bunch of mobs that they 
> only have mage skills on their practice list and therefore, I am assuming 
> they are only able to cast mage spells.  I grep'd and grep'd but I'm not 
> really sure what I am looking to change here..  I have been unable to 
> find where the skills are assigned to a mob.  If I'm on the right track 
> here, with giving mobs the ability to use all skills if called from a 
> spec_proc, I'd appreciate someone telling me where the line I need to 
> change is..  If I am going about this wrong, please set me straight..:)  
> Thanks!

dunno how much help i can give since we rewrote skill parser, butt...
ferget about assigning mobs skills, it dont happen. anywhere. the code
expects you to make sure u no wtf u are doing before u tell a mob to cast
a spell, and will let all mobs cast all spells.
are you sure your attempt did not work?
look at the spec proc fer 'mage'. that is the kinda function u need to call,
i cant tell ya since our code is different, butt, it should send the character
casting, the target character (if there is one), the spellnum (SPELL_ARMOR),
an maybe some other stuff i cunt remember :)
model it after the mage spec an u shouldn't have too much trouble. remember
that the practice list fer mobs is wacky; mobs dont get skills/spells assigned.
hope this aint wrong :)

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