Colour on menu

From: Andy Davidoff (
Date: 03/10/95

> Is it possible to put colour on the main menu for v3.0? I'm not much of a C
> programmer (Only been months!) 
> I've managed to add a few more ascii codes to the screen.h file which
> triples the ammount of colours that you can use (including flashing ones!)
> If anyone wants it, mail me!

i've done it. just make sure u no who you are sending the color too, and
that they can support it... flashing and blinking is a matter of setting
the 'font', trivial ansi.
i wrote color internally, OLC builders can even insert color into room
descriptions, obj/mob names, etc.
all ya gotta do is parse the tokens out prior to sending.used tokens fer 
several informative strings also, stuff u might use alot in the code butt 
dont want to have to send a param.

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