The CircleMUD Portability Project

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 03/12/95


I'm trying to compile a comprehensive list of every hardware and software
platform that Circle is known to compile on.  I need *your* help, please!!
I only have access to a relatively limited spectrum of UNIX workstations
so I depend on you, the user community, to provide compatiblity reports.

I'm trying to create a table that looks something like this:

--cut here--

CircleMUD has been reported to compile cleanly, out of the box, on the
following systems:

Operating System Version       Hardware        Reported By
-----------------------------  --------------- ------------------------------
Linux 1.2.0                    Intel i486
Solaris 2.3                    Sun SS10

--cut here--

If you'd like to help generate this list of compatible systems, please
follow the following easy 7-step program:

1) Get a clean, fresh copy of Circle 3.0 beta patchlevel 7.

2) Unpack it and type 'make'.

3) Note any compiler warnings and/or errors.

4) If there are ANY warnings or errors at all, go to step 7.

5) Try running the MUD for a little while (actually play it, preferably
   several people at once, for 5 or 10 minutes.)

6) If everything seems to work correctly, fill out a one-line compatibility
   entry in the format of the table above, and mail it to
   Otherwise, continue to step 7.

7) Write mail to describing the problems you've had or
   showing the errant compiler output.  Do not submit a "compatibility line"
   as shown above -- that's only for 100% clean compiles.  After you mail
   me the compiler output, I will attempt to fix Circle so it works with your
   OS, and you can try again with the next patchlevel.



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