CircleMUD 3.0 (bpl4) in DGUX

From: Sean P. Mountcastle (
Date: 03/12/95

 	I am running a modified circlemud in the DG/UX OS, after changing 
the #if defined(DGUX_TARGET) to (_DGUX_TARGET) it now executes the 
following lines (#include <crypt.h> and #define "something" (I dont 
remember off the top of my head)), at any rate, the mud compiled fine 
before I changed this, but crashed consistently when it accessed players 
passwords, now the mud will not compile at all, due to conflicting 
declarations (of memset), several stray parse errors that are not 
anywhere near the lines the compiler thinks they are, and some annoying, 
but minor 'implicit declarations' (the imp decl's, didn't happen before, 
but they shouldn'y cause the compiler to quit....)
	Thanks in advance for any help.

	- Sean

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