re: bpl7 on linux, with bugs in utils

From: Michael K. Lee (
Date: 03/12/95

Hi, I couldn't copy the message because someone called in
and cut my link while I was reading and it saved somewhere, however,
I do remember the message.

About utils, I have the same problem on a sun sparcstation.
I've changed it a little, and it seems to work fine now.
So, you may need to change it a little...
Like for instance, in purgeplay.c, I had to change LEVEL_<whatever>
to LVL_<whatever> and there was also a struct with some bad
member, specials2, or something like that.

Don't think much has been done to the utils, but I did notice that 
showplay.c was altered a little, that it shows classes now, but
that was an easy fix.  

About your houses, use hcontrol.
when you use the command, type hcontrol <with an argument>
and it should list  uses for hcontrol.  I'm not sure
if it was changed in p7, but you can change the code so that
it will give you the list of uses for hcontrol by
echo'ing it to screen with just 'hcontrol'.

first, you have to build a house, with exit to somewhere.
the exit room will be called an attrium.  You will have to play around with the commands.
You may also want to take a look at the code to interpret any
misunderstandings.  After you build the house, you will be able to 
keep track of who has a house, when it was created...
if you are collecting rent, you will also have some type of record.
Futhermore, all items in the house will be saved during downtime,
like rent.

About the ATM's.  you may want to take a look at the .obj file.

maybe 30.obj.  I'm not sure if the 30.obj file is using ascii flags,
but maybe during the conversion or something, the flag wasnt set
to make the atm "not takeable".


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