Re: Questions

From: Furry (
Date: 03/12/95

On Sun, 12 Mar 1995, Mark Spiro Adams wrote:
> Another Q I have is about the world..., I can goto the Rome zone under my
> implementor account but how does a mortal player get there? It seems the 
> exits don't go anywhere... is this intentional or something I'm doing?

> How do I use houses?
Hcontrol to assign them, 'house' to give yourself guests.

> One last thing... several times I've killed janitors in Midgaard and they 
> have had an automatic teller in their corpse. It seems harmless because I 
> can't carry one but something tells me that shouldn't be happening.
That seems to be a bug in the janitor proc.. they can pick up anything, as
long as it has a 'take' flag... I think I'm going to remove the take flags
on ATMs however.

--  Alex

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