Re: Login names...

From: DoDGeR (dodger@WPI.EDU)
Date: 03/13/95

/==/ and thus Andy Davidoff writes:

dert> well, it's possible to use some third-party code and identify a
dert> connection's acct. we've incorporated this into our newest code, and it
dert> has alot of use as far as banning goes, as u can now ban an account
dert> individually. say, ban new and i cant
dert> create an new players from my acct. also, we can finger dudes online,
dert> mail their sysadmin with more than a complaint, etc. 

Could you please post this code?  I think it would go a long way to helping get
rid of the scum on circle muds..

Harvard Law:
        Under the most rigorously controlled conditions of pressure,
        temperature, volume, humidity, and other variables, the
        organism will do as it damn well pleases.

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