Login names...

From: Andy Davidoff (dert@concrete.resnet.upenn.edu)
Date: 03/13/95

> does the telnet command send the login name of the person trying to connect?
> if so, how do I display it.  Some bloody idiot has been trying to hack into one
> of out implementors all morning and I really want to either ban his login or
> mail his root..
> thanx..

well, it's possible to use some third-party code and identify a connection's
acct. we've incorporated this into our newest code, and it has alot of use as
far as banning goes, as u can now ban an account individually. say,
ban new dert@concrete.resnet.upenn.edu
and i cant create an new players from my acct. also, we can finger dudes
online, mail their sysadmin with more than a complaint, etc. might develope
online registration an all, since it'll be so easy... kinda on the back burner
cause it works so well :)

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