Re: Login names...

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 03/13/95

> > does the telnet command send the login name of the person trying to connect
> > if so, how do I display it.  Some bloody idiot has been trying to hack into
> > of out implementors all morning and I really want to either ban his login o
> > mail his root..

> well, it's possible to use some third-party code and identify a connection's
> acct. we've incorporated this into our newest code, and it has alot of use as
> far as banning goes, as u can now ban an account individually. say,
> ban new

telnet itself does not send userid data.  Each individual sysadmin can choose
whether or not s/he wishes to run the ident daemon on their machine (which is
what I assume you were using).  Over the summer I randomly sampled the machines
of people who were playing the alpha-test version of Circle and not one of
them was actually running identd, so I figured it wasn't worth my time writing
code for it.

Has that changed?  How well does the code really work -- how many of your
users actually connect from machines that provide userid info?

Do you do anything fancy like forking off another process to get the info
asynchronously or do all of your users have to wait while you connect to the
identd port to get the ident info?


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