Re: Login names...

From: Wheel of Fish! (
Date: 03/13/95

> about my previous posting... I take that back.
> the telnet command technically does not send the username.
> If you want to see how it works.
> have someone telnet to a port on your machine, someone from another site
> do a check for who is telnetting to your port...
> forgot the command, but it will give you a number.
> hmmm netstat?

netstat -t if I recall (on linux I know it is netstat -t)
> then telnet to the site that is telneting to your port, connecting
> to port 113, and type in the id number, and it should return
> userid name.  

I dunno bout pidentd.. but identd is availabe at last I
> try to get a hold of the pidentd source.
> it will explain it better.

also try the RFC for it.. don't recall the # off hand but it's damn fine
reading :)


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