Re: checking for emulation at connection

From: Andy Davidoff (
Date: 03/15/95

> I have to admit that would be rather nifty but... what I was looking for was
> more along the lines of a simple question.. (ie.. does the above line show 3
> red boxes of varying degree, and having three red boxes printed above).. if
> they answer yes.. they default to color ON (complete) otherwise.. they
> dont.. I tried this but I kept getting segv'd in several places.. most
> notably.. in get_from_q
> > by the way, what are you using now? :)
>  nothing right now *shrug*
> Brett

whats the code u have now?
anyway, i for one mud every day from work (no color in case boss sees me)
and home (the big kahuna). sure, i can switch vt's while at work, but it'd
be nice to A) ask if they have color before sending it out, and B) if u do
find a way to 'auto-detect' then dont set it on in the game as well. by the
same token, if the auto-detect says they dont got it, set it off! :)

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