Re: checking for emulation at connection

From: Wheel of Fish! (
Date: 03/15/95

> It might be the fact that you're trying to send high ascii characters 
> such as boxes and so on.. But I dont know if that would segfault.. Then 

actually.. I found that you can do that by accident.. I meat to put /033
into a line and accidently dropped \003 in there.. popped off with several
hearts everywhere I did it *chuckle*

> again, there is a slight possibility the function cant handle it but I've 
> never tried to do this.. Try sending just a colored version of the word 
> 'ansi' or something simple like that..  also, you might want to just ask 
> if they have ansi or not before you display the login, without the 
> color.. Cause the escape codes will just annoy the people who dont have 

thats pretty much what I tried after the box thing failed.. still SEGv'd for
some reason *shrug*

> it.. And if they do have color, well, I guess they know..:P hmm, well, I 
> doubt I helped any.. But I just thought I'd throw my half cent in..:)

hey.. add up al the .5 cents and you'll be rich :)


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