Color bug

From: Melissa (
Date: 03/15/95

  Okay, got your copies of utils and comm. Will diff them later on. 
I did find a minor bug however. To see it, try this "gecho &-Ytest".
you will get a full extra line of background color. So, my quick fix was 
to go in and add \033[0m to every blank \r\n I could find. Since it can't 
hurt non color, and this bug may have a few mates. Also, a & code needs 
to be added for return to normal. Although you automatically do it at the 
end of a string, one is needed for world descriptions. For example,
"&*+R A large sign &+Y is here, planted firmly in the ground."
first part flashes red, then when you try to switch to normal yellow, it 
is still flashing. So, I figure best to turn it off when done.
  And a word of caution! Non-gods should _not_ have access to ansi 
codes. You never know when a disgruntled Medieva player will show up and 
spam everyone with purple garbage! :)
  Other than all that, I really like this addition. Allows everything 
Sojourn's does, but is MUCH easier to use.....

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