Re: checking for emulation at connection

From: Ja vel Bosdal (
Date: 03/14/95

It might be the fact that you're trying to send high ascii characters 
such as boxes and so on.. But I dont know if that would segfault.. Then 
again, there is a slight possibility the function cant handle it but I've 
never tried to do this.. Try sending just a colored version of the word 
'ansi' or something simple like that..  also, you might want to just ask 
if they have ansi or not before you display the login, without the 
color.. Cause the escape codes will just annoy the people who dont have 
it.. And if they do have color, well, I guess they know..:P hmm, well, I 
doubt I helped any.. But I just thought I'd throw my half cent in..:)

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On Tue, 14 Mar 1995, Wheel of Fish! wrote:

> I have to admit that would be rather nifty but... what I was looking for was
> more along the lines of a simple question.. (ie.. does the above line show 3
> red boxes of varying degree, and having three red boxes printed above).. if
> they answer yes.. they default to color ON (complete) otherwise.. they
> dont.. I tried this but I kept getting segv'd in several places.. most
> notably.. in get_from_q
> > 
> > by the way, what are you using now? :)
> > 
>  nothing right now *shrug*
> Brett

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