Re: checking for emulation at connection

From: Ja vel Bosdal (
Date: 03/14/95

Also, If you just do a deal like it does for new users at login..  After 
you enter a new users name, it asks you if the name is correct.. Copy the 
manner in which that is done..  Hope that made some sense, I'm tired..  
Also, you might want to put the ansi enabling process into the new user 
process.. As asking if you want ansi everytime someone logs in will 
undoubtly mess us 99% of login processes from tintin and tinyfugue.. 
etc..  and the last thing you want to do is make anyones life that much 
more difficult..:P Users tend to have this way of blowing little things 
out of proportion <grin>

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On Tue, 14 Mar 1995, Wheel of Fish! wrote:

> > i no a few bulletin board systems have capability to do this within scripts.
> > i'll look into it, but if u wanna get the jump on me, try looking for a
> > script (MECCA) for maximus bbs software, i no there is one out there that
> > can decipher if u have ansi or not, etc.
> > the scripts are fairly simple, so i dont think it's an internal function.
> I have to admit that would be rather nifty but... what I was looking for was
> more along the lines of a simple question.. (ie.. does the above line show 3
> red boxes of varying degree, and having three red boxes printed above).. if
> they answer yes.. they default to color ON (complete) otherwise.. they
> dont.. I tried this but I kept getting segv'd in several places.. most
> notably.. in get_from_q
> > 
> > by the way, what are you using now? :)
> > 
>  nothing right now *shrug*
> Brett

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