Re: checking for emulation at connection

From: Wheel of Fish! (
Date: 03/15/95

> Brett,
> 	What I did with mine, though I'm still having some trouble :(
> 	Is in comm.c where is sends to 'Q' GREETINGS, right before that I 
> have it ask a simple yes no question, and get the answer (I copied the 
> way it gets stuff from the menu, y = yes, n = no, anyways) if they say 
> yes, then instead of sending them GREETINGS I send them CGREETING which 
> has the color codes in it.

heh..I keep forgetting about that part.. I keep trying to toss mine in where
it initializes a new descriptor :)

> 	I have a question for you though.  Since you seem to have already 
> done this I wanted to know if you knew how I could make my CGREETING a 
> color title screen but keep it in the same type of character array as 
> GREETINGS (i.e. initialize it the same way) - cause when I do this, since 
> I cannot put %s in there (they'll come out literally), when I put 
> \x1B[something;something it comes out literally instead of as color, I 
> was just wondering how you did it?
> 	I used sprintf and sent it all to/through a buffer then stored it 
> :( which seems to me to be a pain in ass, and a waste of precious resources.
> 	Thanx in advance, and hope I've been some help to you.

actually.. the easiest way I did this was my on the fly parser.. this
allowed me to send the same greetings file witha few additions of the &codes
into it.. the parser checks to see if they have color on.. if so it'll send
it colored..if not.. it strips the &codes (like it does in the colored
version) and just send it to them that way.. no color :).. less code, more
versatility, and an easy way to colorize your MUD withouth having to create
secondary files for everything :)


P.S. to everyone (if anyone) using the color parser I sent out..I have
discovered ONE minor buggy.. I forgot to reset the font after a blinking
font is used... so everything after you blinking text will also blink until
the input ends.. one it's parsed the line you sent.. it'll reset the font..
so not EVERYthing is flashing. just the line you sent.. (please ignore the
weirdness of this. .I'm being bugged to log off so they can reboot) I'll
send a fix for this soon as I figure a good way to reset the font in the


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