From: Belgian Underground Mud (bug@einstein.rug.ac.be)
Date: 03/15/95

Hiya all!

I was wondering how far OLC is now. Is it in gamma, or not made at all, 
or what?

and also, can anybody tell me what changed between 3.0 pl3 and the latest pl?

And I have also a bug to report: If a mob has intristic SANCT or so, you 
can remove that by just casting sanct on it. It can be fixed as follows:
in handler.c, in function affect_to_char put the following before the 
main part: if (!(PLR_FLAGGED(ch, af->bitvector)
                 && !is_affected_by_spell(ch, af->type)) {
and of course } at the end.
(typos are because of bad mail protocol :-)


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