From: Eric T. Benoit (
Date: 03/27/95

On Wed, 15 Mar 1995, Belgian Underground Mud Splattered the bandwidth with:

> And I have also a bug to report: If a mob has intristic SANCT or so, you 
> can remove that by just casting sanct on it. It can be fixed as follows:
> in handler.c, in function affect_to_char put the following before the 
> main part: if (!(PLR_FLAGGED(ch, af->bitvector)
>                  && !is_affected_by_spell(ch, af->type)) {
> and of course } at the end.
> (typos are because of bad mail protocol :-)

Thank You I have been lopoking for a way to get that fixed and appreciate 
that you are willing to share it with others. I will be posting some here 
in the future as well.
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